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What does it mean to be a Yoni Crystal Affiliate?

Any women who orders wholesale is a Yoni Crystals Affiliate. Affiliate receive the following:

  • 50% off of retail pricing
  • One-on-one 30-minute training/guidance session to educate on Yoni Crystal Practices and support how the crystals will be shared, also for any questions. 


Will you help me with training/guidance?

Yes, the Chelsey the founder is available help with training/sharing her own wisdom of the Yoni Crystals practices. Her background is in crystal healing so it is quite different from the traditional Taoist lineage Jade Egg teachings.

Once you receive the crystals and have had some time to be with them. We schedule a FaceTime/Skype where she covers the YC 101 info (that is all in the booklet too) leading you through a guided crystal meditation, discuss what your visions/ideas are for sharing with women and answer any more questions you may have. 30-minutes.


Is everything in wholesale orders branded as Yoni Crystals?

Yes the pouch and the booklet are Yoni Crystals branding.


Am I allowed to sell yoni crystals with my own branding?

On occasion we offer Private Label, where if you choose to use your own branding/marketing we may be able to accommodate. Email us to learn more if interested in this.


Are you open to doing a collaboration branding?

Yes, we can assist in creating your own branded booklet for your business. Email us if interested in this special order and more details. Minimum order of 300 Yoni Crystals to apply.


Other companies seem to have a lower wholesale rate, why is this?

The pricing we currently have is the best we can offer at the moment. It is important to note our top 3 quality control measures, as this is part of the reason for our pricing

  1. All of our products are made with no additive, chemicals or oils. The traditional shaping process with gems and minerals involves using low grade oils that are toxic when used internally. The mine workers and owners are not thinking about if crystals will be used internally, because usually they aren’t! The time it takes to shape our eggs and wands without the use of oils is 2-3 times longer than that that use oils. So this adds to our costs -but that is the cost of having a crystal that is completely safe for internal use. Note, yes there are toxic things on the market, ie bleach in tampons (YIKES) etc, but Yoni Crystals is a stand for knowing that all of the crystals we sell are in fact completely clean, natural and organic -SAFE for internal use. Eggs that are being sold for that inexpensively I highly doubt have the quality control standards we have. That's why Yoni Crystals are Yoni Crystals ♡
  2. The pouch that holds the crystal is also very high quality; all organic bamboo/cotton blend fabric with natural dye, vegan suede and we even have selenite crystal in the ink that's printed. They are hand-made in Bali and we work closely with the families that make them, lots of love and care go into each little one. This is a conscious choice to offer fully sustainable, ethical, organic products.
  3. We are the only company on the market that offers a beautiful and detailed full-color 35 page guidebook that is sold with every crystal. When Yoni Crystals was conceived the founder wanted every women to have the necessary information to use and care for her crystal. That is included with every single crystal.


How much is tax?

California State Tax adds 7.5% to all orders.


How much is Shipping?

Depends on your order total and where it’s being shipped to. Put your address in the checkout for an estimate.


Are your crystals GIA certified?

The Gemology Institute of America (GIA) offers a certification process through their facility and lab,. There's a belief that by being GIA certified a crystal product is more qualified because this certification would prove that the crystal being certified is the actual mineral it's claiming to be. It is important to note, however, this certification is only valid for the one single crystal specimen that is sent to the GIA lab. After speaking extensively with Alison Proctor, who works in the lab at the GIA campus we have confirmed that there is no way for GIA certify every single crystal from a mine. When a company is claiming to be 'GIA Certified' they have only sent in one sample and only that one sample is actually certified.

Yoni Crystals source crystals directly from the mine owners, building relationships with these mines over the last 3-5 years. We also do all of the quality control of every batch shipment from the mine.

What could be more relevant than a GIA certification is seeing if a company that is selling yoni eggs, wands, etc is working directly with the mine to fully understand the manufacturing process. Therefore, they knowing the source of the crystal and the manufacturing process.

When the founder started Yoni Crystals buying wholesale she went directly to the mine owners to discover that they traditionally use a very low grade oil when shaping the crystal forms. It's part of the lapidary (stone carving) process, using oil speeds up the manufacturing time -Any carved crystal you buy from a shop will be using these low grade toxic oils to shape the crystals. They are toxic and unsafe for internal use.

When she found this out she made it her heart-and-soul mission to offer completely organic / non-treated gems and minerals for women’s health. Yoni Crystals work very closely with the mine owners to ensure that they honor this quality control protocol and keep all of the Yoni Crystals safe for our yoni's.

This includes covering the Yoni Crystal practice and general crystal training 101

50% off of any healing session work from Chelsey



The information contained here on this website is intended for educational purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice. If dealing with any health problems or disease please consult a physician or holistic healthcare professional for diagnosis & treatment. Yoni Crystals products and meditations have not be evaluated or approved by the FDA.

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