Frequently Asked Wholesale Questions

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What does it mean to be a Yoni Crystal Affiliate?

Anyone who orders wholesale or enrolls in the Online Crystal Collection is a Yoni Crystals Affiliate. 

Will you help me with training/guidance?

Yes, we are available for your support! We are available help with training you to share the Yoni Crystals practice. At Yoni Crystals we find that everyone has their unique healing path and this reflects the teachings and what is offered - we help to guide this for your business while covering the vital information of the Yoni Crystals.

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Is everything in wholesale orders branded as Yoni Crystals?

Yes, the pouch and the booklet are Yoni Crystal’s branding.


Am I allowed to sell yoni crystals with my own branding?

We offer Private Label if you would like to use your own branding. Email us to learn more if interested in this. 100 minimum crystal order required.


Are you open to doing a collaboration branding?

Yes, we can assist in creating your own branded booklet for your business. Email us if interested in this special order and more details. Minimum order of 100 Yoni Crystals to apply.


Other companies seem to have a lower wholesale rate, why is this?

We get many emails from all over the world asking about our crystals, where they come from and what makes ours special. The answer is what makes Yoni Crystals truly unique in the intimacy crystal market as we’ve put much care and dedication into sourcing our crystals from ethical and sustainable mines. All of our products are made with no additive, chemicals or oils. The traditional shaping process with gems and minerals involves using low-grade oils that are toxic when used internally. The mines are not thinking about if the crystals will be used internally because usually, they are not. The time it takes to shape our eggs, wands and orbs without the use of oils is 2-3 times longer than that with oils. This does add to our costs -but that is the cost of having a crystal that is completely safe for internal use. Many mines will also use toxic adhesives to glue fragmented minerals together and shape them into eggs. Yikes. Witnessing yoni eggs like this on the market is frightening. So we take a stand for knowing that all of the crystals we source and offer to you are in fact completely natural, organic and safe for internal use.

We have been work directly with the mines and mine owners building relationships for 3-5 years. This allows us to verify that the crystals are being sustainably harvested from the earth, never with chemicals or explosives. They are small mining operations. Some minerals will take 5-9 months to be excavated and shipped to us, this is a worthy wait. Knowing that none of the crystal has come from a large mining operation. We only work with mines that treat their workers well and pay them fairly. We believe this is a crucial part of our quality control process. We provide our customers with crystals that are energetically clean and chemical free.  Eggs that are being sold very inexpensively may not have the quality control standards we have.

Once the crystals arrive in the US we give every single one a cleansing salt water bath. In this process, all of the crystals are throughly cleaned and inspected for any imperfections. During this time the crystals are all downloaded with the original frequency of when they were untouched in the earth. This is why we are often told that our crystals carry special loving energy. Crystal healing is a pivotal component in the sourcing, cleansing and distributing of Yoni Crystals. Beyond the minerals, the pouch that holds the crystal is also of high integrity. It’s made from all organic bamboo/cotton fabric with natural dye, vegan suede and we even have selenite crystal in the ink that's printed on them. They are hand-made in Bali and we work closely with the families that make them, lots of love and care go into each little one.

All of this contribute to the overall cost of our products. All of which is a conscious choice to offer fully sustainable, ethical, organic products.

How much is tax?

The tax is based on the state that the order ships to. If international, there will be no tax on the invoice. Customs will charge tax and this varies from country to country.


How much is Shipping?

Depends on your order total and where it’s being shipped to. Put your address in the checkout for an estimate.


Are your crystals GIA certified?

The Gemology Institute of America (GIA) offers a certification process through their on-site lab in southern California. There's a belief that by being “GIA certified” a crystal is more qualified because this certification would prove that the crystal being certified is the crystal it's claiming to be. It is important to note, however, this certification is only valid for the one single crystal specimen that has been sent to the GIA lab. After speaking extensively with Alison Proctor, who works in the lab at the GIA campus we have confirmed that there is no way for GIA to certify every single crystal from a mine. When a company is claiming to sell certified yoni eggs they have only sent in one sample and only that one sample is actually certified.

Yoni Crystals sources crystals directly from the mine owners, building relationships with three small mining operations over the last 3-5 years. We also do all of the quality control of every batch shipment from the mine. There is no ‘middle man’ in our company we go directly to the source and only work with the most trustworthy sources.

When working directly with the mine owners we discovered that all mines traditionally use a very low grade oil when shaping the crystal into it's shape. It's part of the lapidary (stone carving) process, using oil speeds up the manufacturing time and cut costs.  Most carved crystal you buy from a shop will be using these low grade oils to shape the crystals. They are toxic and unsafe for internal use.

Since discovering this it’s been our heart-and-soul mission to offer completely organic / non-treated gems and minerals for women’s health. Yoni Crystals work very closely with the mine owners to ensure that they honor this quality control protocol and keep all of the Yoni Crystals safe for our yoni's. 

We also choose to only work with mines that believe in sustainable mining and ethical treatment of their workers and the land they are excavating.  At Yoni Crystals we believe that every crystal is a living being and must be respected as such in the whole process.  We have very vigorous quality control to ensure that every crystal we offer meets these standards.

Asking if we are GIA certified is a wonderful question! W hope this long answer clears up some of the misconceptions.

What if my Crystal (or a person I’ve sold a crystal to) breaks?

Often we see this as the crystal 'taking the hit' for us, metaphorically speaking, as crystals take energy and transmute it for us. Please know that when a crystal breaks it's a gift because the energy moved through the crystal instead of through body, physical space.

The best thing you can do with a broken crystal is simply choose a place that feels resonant to you and your home, place an intention that you would like to be held in the crystal that will become a part of the earth grid of your space and ask the earth to accept this offering back. You can bury the crystal or place it in garden by plants. The gems love to go back to the earth so feel free to make this offering back to mama Gaia.


The information contained here on this website is intended for educational purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice. If dealing with any health problems or disease please consult a physician or holistic healthcare professional for diagnosis & treatment. Yoni Crystals products and meditations have not be evaluated or approved by the FDA.

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