yoni egg sound meditation

Crystal Bowls by Amy Raven & Yoni Meditation by Chelsey Lehl


Yoni Crystals Ritual 

Give yourself a private, safe and uninterrupted space for 15 minutes to explore your body’s capacity for healing and pleasure.
You have been called to this crystal ritual, allow this time to be a ceremony for you, your yoni and your sacred heart.

Set Your Intention

This can be anything you desire. Do you want to call anything new into your life or clear out something old? Give yourself enough time to understand what you want to gain from the practice. This mediation is to prepare your body + Spirit connection.
At Yoni Crystals, we focus on the subtle and energetic qualities of the crystals to activate the yoni and the magic that is created between the two. Feel into your body and the present moment. Enjoy yourself and the journey.