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Jade Eggstacy Online Course


My first experience with Yoni Crystals was in the jungles of Thailand… I know random!
I was traveling around Southeast Asia for several months on a serious self-love journey to mend my broken heart after the end of a 9 year relationship.
In an open air temple space with several other adventurous female seekers, I was shown the wonders of the Jade Egg…. and my mind was blown!

Jade Egg practices where a major part of healing my heart, and birthing my new life. I quickly learned how these stones and the practices for working with them, are a great gift for feminine healing and empowerment. I have incorporated the crystals into the tantric sexuality work I do with women, and created a whole program for them, based on my own personal practice.

I use a lot of different yogic, taoist, and tantric methodologies in the relationship and sexuality work I offer, and yoni eggs are like one of my secret weapons for unlocking love in those hard to reach places!

Jade Eggstacy is a self-paced virtual course crafted with love, to support you in developing a heart-healing connection with your yoni and the rest of your body.

It's a personal adventure, that leads to uncovering hidden wisdom inside your own body, increased love for your body and what it's capable of, more emotionally connected, fulfilling sex, with or without a partner, and awakening parts of your sexuality that you may not even know exist right now.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.
— A Course In Miracles
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