Leyolah Antara


I am from Australia, but offer many Retreats and Trainings around the world, particularly in Europe and Bali. I have also created an online Mystery School - where I offer deep immersions and training into the Goddess, Sacred Sexuality, Sacred Union and healing the wounds of love between men and women.

I am a long term teacher of Sacred Sexuality and Ecstatic Embodiment, an author, priestess of the Isis Magdalene lineage, creator of Kundalini Dance. I am a keeper of the Tantric Rose Mystery School, dedicated to the empowerment of the sacred feminine. Receiving teachings from the Isis Magdalene lineage is a journey back into your sensuality, to embody your deep feminine soul.

feel strongly that reclaiming our sexual energy as a sacred energy of the Goddess within us, is a huge evolutionary piece for humanity. While sex and spirit are split we just simply cannot evolve as a species. The disconnection from our sexuality has to be rectified and yoni crystals are a wonderful tool for women to clear past imprints and re-sensitize their sexual organs to experience more ecstatic orgasmic energy through the whole body.

I offer online trainings, retreats and one on one mentorship for women who are called to heal their relationship with their sexuality and deepen their sacred work.

I have created an online Mystery School - where i offer deep immersions and training into the Goddess, Sacred Sexuality, Sacred Union and healing the wounds of love between men and women.

I also offer a Kundalini Dance Facilitator training once a year in Bali.



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A woman’s womb is holy ground. It is the sacred crucible where she has direct connection to the Goddess. It is her oracle, her muse and her divine guide. Claim back your womb space and you claim back your sovereign creative power, your inner genius, your gifts. It’s a journey every women simply must take.
— Leyolah Antara

I first met Chelsey (founder of Yoni Crystals) in the warm waters of Champuan Spa in Ubud in 2017 and we instantly connected. After our bath she showed me her shimmering tray of many crystals. I had never considered using anything other than jade but Chelsey opened my eyes to the huge potential of exploring many different minerals.

I loved using the obsidian as I really felt it drawing out the old energy in my yoni and womb. I feel this is so important for women to do. I also love using the star quartz crystal as i feel it carries the frequency of the rose. Flooding your womb with rose pink light is a beautiful way to re-calibrate your sexual energy to the frequency of the pure erotic innocence of the divine feminine.

One of my favourite practices is to call in Isis and Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene to hold a field of light as I visualize a pink rose into the womb space. Holding my hands on the crystal on my womb first.

As I sip in my pink rose yoni crystal I visualizing the rose pink light coming up into my yoni through my cervix and into my womb.