Christiane Kosoul


With my soft feminine presence now, you won't believe that I lived most of my life disconnected from my feminine nature, self-love and sexuality. I was not able to trust, receive and I was afraid of intimacy. I have had to work to orgasm. Deep inside I felt that this can´t be everything.

After burning out at 28 and recovering from depression, I began my journey of self-healing and spiritual awakening.

The awakening of the womb in women is one of the most powerful energies of creation that has been forgotten in our in modern society.

Ancient traditions knew that there is no greater healing tool for women than to access the essence of her own feminine body temple and its connection to source.

Join the next YONI Love Temple - A 4 week group program to reconnect to your divine feminine and sacred sexual potential.

You will get to know your YONIVERSE, learn delicious BREAST MASSAGE techniques and everything about the YONI EGG.

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Somewhere beyond right and wrong, there is a garden. I will meet you there.
— Rumi