Physical & Energetic Cleansing

  1. Clean your crystal with warm running water and natural soap. DO NOT use boiling water. For deeper clean use 1tbsp apple cider vinegar in a bowl to soak crystal.
  2. While rinsing, envision the crystal glowing with love and returning to its purest energetic state, as if still resting, untouched, in the earth.
  3. Imagine golden light clearing the space where you will do your Yoni Crystal practice.
  4. If your crystal is a Yoni Egg and has a drilled hole, clean inside of the drilled hole before after every use.

Additional cleansing love 

  • Periodically charge your crystal in solar energy by placing in direct sunlight for a few hours or a few days.
  • Deep energy clean by placing in a bowl of sea salt or rice overnight. Do not re-use the sea salt or rice.

Energetic cleansing of your Yoni Crystals is just as important as physical cleaning.
— Chelsey Lehl